Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

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Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

More than three million men suffer from erectile dysfunction, or impotence, and many new cases are diagnosed every year. This condition usually affects older men but can impact a man of any age. There are many myths surrounding ED that you should be aware of. Take a look at some of the most common myths about this condition affecting men’s sexual performance baltimore today.

Myth: ED is a Normal Part of Being a Man

Men can experience ED on occasion, whether they’re stressed, enduring performance anxiety, tired, or have other things on their mind. However, it is infrequent and doesn’t impact a relationship. When it becomes a problem, then it is it normal and you should seek treatment.

Myth: You Must Take Pills to Treat ED

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction and while prescription medications are most commonly used, there are certainly other options to choose from. Many men will find that lifestyle changes help them considerably.

Myth: ED Isn’t Dangerous

ED is not dangerous but it is oftentimes a sign of an underlying health condition that is dangerous. Diabetes and heart problems are the most common culprits of erectile dysfunction. It is important to talk to your doctor if you have ED to rule out any health problems.

Myth: Doctors Don’t Understand


It might be embarrassing to talk to the doctor about erectile dysfunction because you believe that he doesn’t understand what you are going through. But, this simply isn’t true. The doctor understands and will never judge you. He is there to help you thrive from this condition.

There are numerous erectile dysfunction myths out there, including those above. Talk to your doctor if this condition is affecting your life and don’t take the matter lightly. There are treatment options available if you are ready to overcome the condition.