Pharmacy Customer Care Simplified

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Pharmacy Customer Care Simplified

Running a pharmacy is a busy job and you have to have a good way to handle the full customer load. Even if you are running a small operation, you still need to have the phones answered to get prescriptions processed in a timely fashion for your customers.

Answering the phone all day can be cumbersome and keep you and your technicians from getting orders filled. That is why you should consider pharmacy ivr systems. This means interactive voice response systems. All that is, is a type of software that can be run on your phone systems.

It answers all the calls and then offers options for the customer to pick from. For example, if they need just a refill, there is a prompt for that and the customer can have the refill order taken by the system. Then it automatically goes to your computers. This saves you a great deal of trouble with answering all calls.

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The calls that come in for a live person will simply be screened. The person can still talk to a pharmacist or a technician by using a certain menu selection. This will make your tasks much easier during the day. With your hands less on the phone, you can attend to more vital matters.

Ideally, this is the sort of thing that will improve your pharmacy business in many ways. It is intended to provide better customer care while freeing you up to do other work that needs to be done. It will be a great relief to have the burden of answering every single call off your hands.

Find professional services that offer installation of this kind of system for your pharmacy. It is inexpensive and will basically pay for itself as it acts like a free employee. Think of it as a sort of electronic secretary.